Intern Insights

Hear what previous interns had to say about the program

“Orientation prepared me for my rotations.”

“Orientation was really great and helpful!”

“Orientation was a helpful time to get to know the directors/coordinators and fellow interns. At this point it was obvious how much the directors/coordinators cared and supported their interns, which was a great feeling.”

“I found every class to be helpful to my learning in some way.”

“I truly enjoyed all my preceptors!”

“Overall, the diversity of rotations completed provided immense exposure to the field of dietetics, of which will make me a better dietitian and gave me the opportunity to connect with so many other health professionals.”

“Being able to observe and be an intern at various locations in the field allowed me to see how many different areas a dietitian can work.”
I think how quickly we rotated through rotations and preceptors was the most valuable learning experience for me! It was a new first impression every week, a new place to park, and a new hospital/chart note format to become orientated with. We are so adaptable and resilient. It has helped me stay on my toes, engaged and eager to learn more and more!”

“I found my staff relief to be the most valuable learning experience as I was able to utilize all that I have learned during the internship. It allowed me to grow as an individual and feel more confident in my abilities as a future RD. It is also a great time to take advantage of learning how to better communicate as a part of the interdisciplinary team.”

“The DI team was always available and approachable if I ever had any questions."

”Thank you to the DI Team for putting together such a diverse, thorough and personable internship. From day one, I felt supported by the team and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you all.”

“I had a very positive experience in all aspects of my internship and am very appreciative of all the time everyone put in to helping us get to the next step in our careers!”

“I feel just as lucky now as I did when I found out I got accepted to this program. I have no regrets in my decision to complete my internship at the U of M or in my decision to be a dietitian.”

The internship year has far exceeded all my expectations! I have already recommended the program to other DPD students, as I think it is a really well-rounded program that offers great learning experiences.

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