Intern Insights

Hear what previous interns had to say about the program

“The internship year has far exceeded all my expectations! I have already recommended the program to other DPD students, as I think it is a really well-rounded program that offers great learning experiences.” (MNT Intern, 2021)

“I think how quickly we rotated through rotations and preceptors was the most valuable learning experience for me! It was a new first impression every week, a new place to park, and a new hospital/chart note format to become orientated with. We are so adaptable and resilient. It has helped me stay on my toes, engaged and eager to learn more and more!” (Larissa, 2021)

“The Emily Program provided me such a unique, once in a lifetime experience…I’m so lucky to have been chosen for this.” (MNT Intern, 2021)

“This is a wonderful program. I can see how much work goes into improving the program and I can tell that leadership genuinely cares about intern success. I appreciated the emphasis leadership gave at the beginning of the program on prioritizing self-care and personal sustainability, particularly during the pandemic. You challenged us to be the best version of ourselves and supported us to the best of your ability when life got heavy. I am so grateful to have been selected for this program, I feel ready as ever to join the field.” (ED-TEP, 2021)

“I enjoyed the opportunity collaborating with the MNT students about ED and clinical practices. I also enjoyed doing the case study and pushing myself to present hard information to a large group of people.” (ED-TEP Intern, 2023)

“It has been interesting to get more exposure with just working with all kinds of people with different social, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and to learn how to care best for each patient and do what I can to help them meet their goals.” (ED-TEP Intern, 2023)

“I really am grateful for the opportunity to be in a new location so frequently and to be fully supported by the director. It forced me to grow, to learn to speak up and it provided so many opportunities to learn. I’m not only more knowledgeable, but I am a better person because of these opportunities.” (MNT Intern, 2023)

“Thank you for everything! Still raving about my internship a year later.” (MNT Intern, 2022)

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Intern Class of 2021

2019-2020 intern group

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