Why Choose the U of M Dietetic Internship?

  • Our internship program is housed in one of the most comprehensive and prestigious public universities and is located within a large metropolitan area.
  • The University of Minnesota campus offers arts, sports, intellectual events, a comprehensive medical library and an active and vibrant student body for all to participate.
  • Our program has affiliations with numerous medical centers, several of which are renowned teaching hospitals.
  • This program allows interns to work with a multitude of individuals. Supervised practice opportunities involve exposure to various cultures, ethnicities, ages, and religious backgrounds.
  • This program has highly-trained and very supportive preceptors; in fact, many of our former interns are thrilled to now serve as preceptors.
  • Our program and interns have been consistently recognized and commended for our exceptional RD exam pass rate.

Why Choose an Emphasis in Eating Disorders?

  • The U of M is the only Dietetic Internship in the United States that offers a track specializing in eating disorders and related issues.
  • Not only do interns receive top notch experiences in “the usual areas” of dietetic practice, this track has a partnership with of The Emily Program, a renowned organization providing personalized treatment for eating disorders.
  • Eating disorders are complex, difficult, challenging, and sometimes fatal. Because food and eating are at the center of eating disorders, dietitians are essential to effective treatment and recovery. This internship track is where you will develop the ingenuity and resilience necessary to help each client recover from the cunning, baffling and powerful force of her or his eating disorder.
  • Unfortunately, the incident of eating disorders is on the rise in our country. Fortunately, the options for treatment are growing. A RD specializing in ED treatment will be in high demand because she or he can provide uniquely valuable services for eating disorder programming in treatment centers, hospital settings, schools, workplaces, community education and many other arenas.
  • One of the most important advantages of the ED-TEP track is the least tangible: a greater appreciation for the human condition. You will be called to draw upon—and discover among your peers–new reserves of patience, compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Why Choose an Emphasis in Medical Nutrition Therapy?

  • This track has a partnership with University of Minnesota Health. University of Minnesota Health represents a collaboration between University of Minnesota Physicians and University of Minnesota Medical Center. Together, they offer breakthrough healthcare at hospitals and clinics throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.
  • Interns in the MNT track have supervised learning experiences in large, teaching hospitals at University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital as well as in community hospitals, skilled nursing / transitional care units and community clinics.
  • Interns are supervised by registered dietitians specializing in clinical nutrition, food and nutrition management and community nutrition.
  • Our MNT track provides 23 weeks of learning (of a 37-week internship) in the area of MNT.
  • Interns will learn to apply the nutrition care process to provide in-depth, individualized nutrition assessment and care for disease management.