Medical Nutrition Therapy Track

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Medical Nutrition Therapy – 22 weeks

The term “medical nutrition therapy” (MNT) was introduced in 1994 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to better articulate the nutrition therapy process. It is defined as the use of specific nutrition services to treat an illness, injury or condition and involves two phases:

  1. Assessment of the nutritional status of the client, and
  2. Treatment, which includes nutrition therapy, counseling and the use of specialized nutrition supplements

Interns will be working in a variety of patient care units including cardiology, oncology, critical care, ICU, acute rehabilitation, behavioral, solid organ or bone marrow transplant, bariatric, pediatrics, and others. During MNT rotations, interns will be able to:

  • Perform assessments/ reassessments for patients in a wide variety of settings and complexities.
  • Diagnose nutritional problems; create nutrition diagnosis statement (PES statement).
  • Plan and implement nutrition interventions (including patient education), formulate a nutrition prescription, establish goals.
  • Monitor and evaluate the nutritional problem, its causes, signs and symptoms and the effect of the nutritional interventions.
  • Provide patient-centered, age-specific and culturally-competent nutritional care for patients in an acute care and outpatient setting.
  • Chart in electronic medical records.
  • Work with multi-disciplinary teams.

Three weeks of staff relief in the acute care setting will be required after the completion of all MNT rotations.

Foodservice Management – 5 weeks

Dietetic interns participate in all facets of foodservice systems management, including food production, food service, retail operations and human resource management.

An intern project includes the planning, marketing and implementation of a theme meal in the retail area. Staff relief is also included during this rotation.

Community Rotations – 5 weeks

Community experiences may include rotations at WIC (Women, Infants and Children), Open Arms of Minnesota, The Emily Program, and area wellness centers. Community nutrition projects may include National Nutrition Month and other wellness-related activities.

dietetic internship students in the community