Admission Process

Admission Requirements

Each applicant must follow the application instructions specific to the concentration in which he/she is applying. Each concentration area has its own selection committee to review applications received.

  • ED-TEP concentration has a maximum enrollment of 15
  • MNT concentration has a maximum enrollment of 10

To be eligible for admission, the following requirements must be met:

  • Minimum of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university recognized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Verification of Completion of an approved program in dietetics OR a Declaration of Intent to Complete from an approved program in dietetics listing all courses required with a time table of completion before entering the U of M DI Program
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy course or equivalent must be completed within three years prior to beginning the U of M DI Program. Refer to Recency of Education policy for details.
  • If selected for U of M DI, applicants who submitted a Declaration of Intent to Complete form with their DI applications must obtain a signed DPD verification statement from their DPD Program Director and official transcript documenting completion of the bachelor’s degree before they may begin the dietetic internship
  • Minimum cumulative and DPD GPA of 3.1 (based on a 4.0 system)
  • Strong GPA (grades in subjects such as biochemistry, advanced nutrition/metabolism, MNT, community nutrition, and food service will be considered by the selection committee)

Selection Criteria

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Demonstrated capacity for leadership, teamwork and self-direction
  • Relevant work or volunteer experience and/or extracurricular involvement
  • Strong letters of recommendation – two from faculty and one from a supervisor
  • Well-written personal statement which answers all the required questions
  • Overall potential of student to successfully complete an internship in the respective concentration area, a nationally renowned eating disorder treatment center or a high acuity teaching hospital
  • Completion of all required application details

Application Process

The U of M Dietetic Internship accepts applications for the Spring Match.

  • If you are still in school, your Didactic Program Director and/or faculty advisor can be a resource person for information and guidance with the application process.
  • DICAS Online can provide information regarding the online application process and its fees. Call 617-612-2855 (Hours: 9am-5pm EST) or email
  • Computer matching information, including applicant responsibilities and computer matching dates with deadlines, is on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/ACEND website.
  • D&D Digital Systems can provide information about the computer matching process and its fees. Visit their website at, call 515-292-0490 or e-mail
    • Eating Disorders Concentration: Matching Code No. 273
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy Concentration: Matching Code No. 348
  • For specific U of M DI questions not addressed in our website, Contact Us.
  • Any student interested in this program is encouraged to apply. All completed applications go through a selection committee review process.
  • To complete the application process accurately, choose the appropriate link(s) listed below Application Instructions for:
    • Application Instructions specific to our DI Program concentration in which you are applying
    • An Application Checklist specific to the concentration in which you are applying
    • The Supplemental Application Form specific to the concentration in which you are applying. Since each concentration has a separate selection committee review process, a $50 payment should be included with each supplemental application form submitted to our program.

Application Instructions

Choose the appropriate link below for specific Application Instructions:
            ----Process Under Revisions; check back in the fall-----

  • Preselect Process (U of M Graduate Students only) for ED-TEP
  • Preselect Process (U of M Students only) for MNT
  • Computer Matching Process for ED-TEP**
  • Computer Matching Process for MNT**

**IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS if applying to BOTH CONCENTRATIONS for the Computer Matching Process:
Since DICAS technically allows only one Personal Statement to be uploaded per DI Program, if applying to both concentration areas:
(1) Upload your personal statement for the ED-TEP concentration as the Personal Statement, and
(2) Upload your personal statement for the MNT concentration as a Supplemental document